The Department of Contemplative Counselling and Psychology Education aspires to adapt ancient contemplative practices into the rigorous modern way of life, delivering counseling and psychology education that is characterized by full integration of the values of compassionate, mindful and sustainable society. Contemporary culture is marked by rapid advances in science and technology, yet coupled with these advances is an increasing sense of pressure, complexity and information overload. Individuals across the lifespan are feeling tremendous stress, which is contributing to a variety of mental and physical health problems. The Department will emphasis the three modes of inquiry that characterize Contemplative Education: third-person (traditional academic study of another’s ideas), second-person (interpersonal learning through collaboration and relationship), and first-person (intrapersonal study of one’s own mind and experience). The Department further aspires to deliver excellent education in the field of psychology, producing graduates who are able to apply their contemplative learning with precision and specificity in helping professions. The balance of academic study and contemplative practice is a recipe for successful graduates. Study creates the foundation of knowledge which guides contemplative practice. Contemplative practice integrates study experientially and whets curiosity for further study. Drawing on its sophisticated understanding of human psychology, the Centre aims to enable individuals to cultivate a deep personal introspection and social awareness through education, mindfulness practice and researc



Educating for a more compassionate society


  • Promote a culture of mindfulness-awareness, creating an environment of learning that encourages inner transformation as preparation for skillful work in the outside world.
  • Model synchronization of body, speech and mind in the delivery of academic content
  • Generate research that informs curriculum and professional practices in the field of counseling and psychology

Faculty Members

Mr. Wangchuk Dorji, Lecturer

Ms. Dechen Doma, Lecturer

Ms. Dechen Wangmo, Lecturer

Mr. Sangay Tshering, Lecturer

Ms. Sonam Zangmo, Assoc. Lecturer