Mr. Sangay Tshering, Lecturer

Philosophy of teaching and learning:

Teaching and learning are dynamic processes designed for ‘realizing the full potential of a child’.  I have a strong conviction in education as mean of ‘engaging the young minds’ in all possible ways to get the ‘best out of him/her’. Only those educational settings which focuses on experientially engaging the ‘whole child’ will witness the zeal and joy in students’ learning. Otherwise we may repeat the same vicious cycle of ‘mere information and data transfer’ from internet/books to teachers then to students, to semester-end exams papers, academic certificates and eventually gossiping about quality of education.  I wish for more student-centered philosophy of learning which engages them practically with real life situations and environment, supported by discovery, problem solving, and enquiry-based principles of teaching-learning pedagogy. The direct-teaching-based philosophy of a ‘sage on the stage’ is not so relevant strategy in today’s century. I am interested in the development of curriculum, policies and guidelines for making schools and colleges ‘joyful spaces of quality teaching-learning processes.


Academic/Educational Qualification:

  • M.Ed in Early Years (Australia, 2012); Post Graduate Diploma in Education (SCE, Samtse, 2007); B.Sc Psychology (India, 2006).

Professional experience:

  • Coordinator of BA Psychology program development (2018 onwards)
  • Subject Leader of Educational Psychology, SCE (2016-2018)
  • Coordinator of Teaching Practice, SCE (2017-2018)
  • Hostel Provost of Samtse College of Education (2008-2009)
  • Head, Educational Psychology and Counseling Department, SCE (2015-2016)
  • Teaching faculty member of Samtse College of Education, RUB (2008-onwards)


Current responsibilities:  

  • Coordinator of BA Psychology program development
  • Module tutor of the modules 1) Teaching Children with Special Needs 2) Education for Development and 3) Teaching Skills
  • Class Advisor of B.Ed II Science C
  • Co-advisor of Y-PEER Networks of SCE.
  • Committee member of PgDE program
  • Committee member of Student Wellbeing Committee


Membership in External Bodies:’

  • None


  • Tshering, S. et al (2013), Dzongkha Braille Premier for people with visual impairment. DCRD, Bhutan. ISBN:   978-99936-0-404-4.
  • Tshering, S. et al (2014), Guide of Tactile graphics for students with visual impairment. DCRD. Bhutan.  ISBN:   019-78999-3-692-3.


Current research engagement:

  • Ongoing research on ‘Primary Teachers’ Perception of Inclusive Education’



Research interest:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Human development and Learning
  • Disability education
  • Early childhood care and development
  • Human wellbeing

Email address: