Ms. Sonam Zangmo, Assoc. Lecturer

Philosophy of teaching and learning:

I believe in providing autonomy to my students to foster creativity and interest in life-long learning. With a right level of guidance and support, students can achieve their best. As a teacher-educator at tertiary level, I feel students don’t need spoon-feeding approach. Students require a tutor who can facilitate their learning by directing them in a right direction.

Academic/Educational Qualification:

M.A Psychology (India, 2017)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (SCE, 2009)

B.A Psychology (India, 2007)

Professional experience:

Assistant Lecturer (SCE, 2010 till date)

Current responsibilities:

Teaches following courses in undergraduate and postgraduate (both pre-service and in-service) students:

  1. EDU501: Educational Psychology (Postgraduate Diploma in Education)
  2. EDN204: Learning Process (Bachelors in Education)
  • EDN203: Teaching Skills (Bachelors in Education)
  1. EDN205: Teaching Strategies (Bachelors in Education)
  2. EDN101: An Introduction to Child Development (Bachelors in Education)
  3. EDN409: Bhutanese Education System (Bachelors in Education)
  • EDN206: An Introduction to Research Methods (Bachelors in Education)
  • EDN411: Action Research Project (Bachelors in Education)
  1. EDN307: Education for Development (Bachelors in Education)

Class advisor.

Membership in External Bodies:

B.Ed Secondary Programme.


Zangmo. S. (2018). Tuesdays with Morrie. EIP. Samtse College of Education.

Zangmo, S. (2017). Effect of Internet Addiction on Depression among Andhra University Students. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, Volume 6, Issue 6 June, 2017, pp. 166-176.

Current research engagement:

Academic Performance and Self-esteem among Female University Students in Bhutan.


Research interest:

Impact of Social Media on divorce in Bhutan.

Email address: