Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and IT Education (DMITE) at the Samtse College of Education.

It is one of the five departments of the college, passionate about providing high quality education in the field of Mathematics and IT through preparation of competent teachers with deep seated sense of integrity and Bhutanese values. For this, it offers plethora of rich learning experiences on in-depth content knowledge development through Research Base, Place Base Learning, Exploratory, Deep Inquiry Approach besides contemporary mathematical pedagogies and inculcation of love and appreciation in Mathematics and IT disciplines.

Research being an integral and indispensable endeavor of the educational college, the faculty of the department and students have a high level of engagement in disciplinary as well interdisciplinary research and continues to attain world class research.

The department also firmly believes on collaboration and partnership buildings as a platform for international experiences, exchange of knowledge, respect and appreciation of an array of culture and celebration of cultural diversity and, face the global issues and challenges.  Presently the department is actively engaged in Linnaeus-Palme project funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) with the core objective enshrined as “Student Faculty Exchange Program.”  The department also supports schools, colleges, Ministry of Education and agencies in designing new trends of teaching mathematics and IT through conferences, seminars and workshops.


The Centre for Innovation in Mathematics and IT Education (CIMIE) at Samtse College of Education aspires to be a leading centre in developing excellence in academics through innovation, research and research informed teaching.


  1. Develop excellence in academics by embracing ICT and other transformative teaching approaches into curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices.
  2. Provide guidance, skills, resources and space to foster creativity and innovation.
  3. Encourage and strengthen research capacity development through collaboration within and/or outside the country.
  4. Provide short course on recent development of content and pedagogy of mathematics and IT education for educators and students.
  5. Conduct conferences, seminars and workshops for establishing and expanding networking.
  6. Promote life-long learning by incorporating the new pedagogical practices and research informed teaching.

Faculty Member

Mr. Pema Drukpa, Lecturer

Ms. Bijoy Hangmo Subba, Asst. Professor

Mr. Chenga Dorji, Lecturer

Mr. Man Singh Singer, Lecturer

Mr. Purna Bahadur Subba, Lecturer

Ms. Sapna Thapa, Asst. Lecturer