Ms. Bijoy Hangmo Subba, Asst. Professor

Philosophy of teaching and learning:  

I am a passionate teacher educator, a strong believer of Plutarch. The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited (Plutarch).In line with Plutarch‘s claim, I place higher order skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and communication at the fore front of my teaching strategies. Of late, use of technology has become my passion in teaching mathematics. I have found Geo-gebra software extremely useful to teach mathematics.

These skills are also known as 21st century skills which  are helpful   to prepare students to adapt and accommodate  in real life situation.

Academic/Educational Qualification:

  • M.Ed  in Curriculum and Instruction (Canada,2006)
  • B.Ed Pry. With Mathematics  ( Samtse , 1997)
  • ISC ( Sherubtshe College, 1994)

Professional experience:

  1. Modules taught :
  2. MAE502( Mathematics Education II)
  3. MAT306(Analytical Geometry)
  • MAT501(Mathematics Education I)
  1. EDU609(Statistics in Education)
  2. M/at203(Trigonometry and Algebra)
  1. MAT 101 (Teaching Mathematics in Lower  I )
  2. MAT 202 ( Teaching Mathematics in Lower Pry II)
  3. MAT 403 (Teaching Mathematics in Upper Pry I)
  4. MAT 404( Teaching Mathematics in Upper Pry II)
  5. MAT 101 ( Elementary Algebra)
  6. EDN206 ( Introduction to Research)
  7. EDN102 (Assessment and  Evaluation in Education)
  8. EDU 502 ( Curriculum  Studies)
  9. Taught PgDE MAE501 and EDU 503( Action Research)   for part time students.
  10. Conducted two days Primary Mathematics Refresher course for Primary teachers of Samtse Dzongkhag in 2015.

Current responsibilities:


  1. I teach mathematics to PgDE, B.Ed III and B.Ed IV (P)
  2. I have developed one and half year course PgDE mathematics module (MAE501) which is under validation.

Non- Teaching

  1. Coordinator of Comprehensive sexuality Education
  2. Club Advisor of Y-PEER club.

Membership in External Bodies:

  1. Member of B.Ed Primary Programe committee.
  2. Member of BA Social work programme committee
  3. Member of Staff welfare committee


Wangmo,S., Subba,B.,Penjor,T.,Jurme,K.,&Yangdon (2014). A  Tracer Study on the First Batch of B.Ed (four year programme) Graduates of Samtse College of Education. Bhutan Journal of Research and Development, volume

Current research engagement:

  1. Effective teaching of commercial math, linear and Non-linear functions in class X mathematics: A Participatory Action Research at Samtse Higher Secondary School.
  2. Impact of women’s self-efficacy on their leadership performance
  3. Impact of Anxiety in Science and Mathematics on Students Academic Performance.



Research interest:

  1. Understanding marriage and cohabitation practices in Bhutan
  2. Lecturer’s perception of VLE quiz to assess students learning in RUB Colleges
  3. Infusion of GNH in teaching mathematics.

Email address: