Mr. Pema Drukpa, Lecturer

Pema Drukpa,graduated in Bachelors of Education majoring in teching of Mathematics and physics from SCE  in the year 2002. Worked as a school teacher for five years in different capacity till 2007.He  received Master of Education in Mathematics  from Edith Cowan University(Perth,WA) with the focus on teaching  of mathematics in 2007. Joined SCE in 2008. For professional development,he completed a Certificate of Advanced graduate study in education from UNE,2012. Largely participated in reviewing new curriculum in mathematics and developed action research guidelines for trachers in Bhutan. In the college,he teaches professional modules such as introduction to research,lifeskills,UHV,Curriculum studies besides  mathematics modules. Presently he is the head of the Departments of Mathematics and IT Education.