RUB Research and Services – Policy and Procedures

ZhibTshol: RUB Research Policies [ Download ]


  • Drafted in 2006.
  • Presented to RIC and Academic Board Meetings.
  • Endorsed by 14th AB Meeting of 15 September 2008.
  • Endorsed by 16th University Council of 30 December 2009.


  • Teaching, research and services are the core responsibilities of the university
  • Encourage faculty to engage in research and consultancy
  • Ensure that research and services are conducted professionally.
  • Provide guidance in carrying out research and services.


Policy Statement

  • The faculty shall be encouraged to engage in some form of research and services
  • Centers for research and development shall be established in appropriate member colleges
  • Collaborative research and services shall be encouraged between member colleges and relevant external agencies
  • Students shall be encouraged to carry out, as part of their academic requirement, research projects under the supervision of the faculty
  • University shall provide avenues for publication through journals, monographs, occasional papers, seminars and conferences
  • The revenue generated shall be shared between the involved faculty, college and the University


Any work that the University or the faculty undertakes and which leads to creation/development of knowledge of various forms


Any work that the University or the faculty undertakes and which contributes to community and to academic and professional organizations

University Research and Services

Any research and services carried out by the faculty in his/her capacity as University faculty, irrespective of whether it involves the use of University resources and facilities or not

University Research and Services shall include, but not be limited to

  • Routine laboratory and other testing of materials, devices and products
  • Standard data analysis
  • Survey, including market and opinion survey
  • Field trials
  • Short courses
  • Professional expertise in any field and subject


General Requirement of Faculty

  • Fulfill all the regular academic duties and responsibilities.
  • Undertake research and services only upon approval by the College Research Committee (CRC).
  • Not be involved in research and services which will have negative impact on the University.

publicity and conflict with objectives of the University.


Co-ordination of Research and Services

  • CRC is responsible for promoting and coordinating research and services at the college level.
  • CRC will be chaired by Dean of Research and Industrial Linkages/Director of College


Legal Procedure

  • Research and services shall require a written contract between the External Agency and Director or any faculty appointed for the purpose.
  • Ownership of the intellectual property shall be as per the Industrial Property Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan (2001) and the Copyright Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan (2001)


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