Under the leadership of the Director Thubten Gyatso (current Director General of PCE) and the first College Research Committee (CRC) coordinator Dr. Dorji Thinley (current  Director General of SCE) CRC has planned and initiated several activities such as research, publication, and training.

The CRC has launched the publication of an education research journal called Rig-Gter in 2006 and has published 6 more volumes until it got upscaled to peer-reviewed journal titled Educational Innovation and Practice-The biannual journal of Samtse College of Education.  The other publications include Action Research Journal, 2008, Writing Research Proposal-Guidebook, 2009, Research Manuscript Guidelines, 2009 and Academia Profile, 2009.

One of the significant initiatives of CRC has been the launch of biannual faculty-student research convention namely Autumn convention and Spring convention. This convention provides a platform for students, lecturers and teachers from neighbouring schools to present papers and build network. Till  date the CRC has held six conventions. CRC also provides professional support to school teachers, teacher-educators, and researchers in their work.

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