Faculty-Student Research Convention was instituted in 2011 to provide a platform for the exchange of research experience among faculty members, students and staff from Samtse College of Education; to develop an active culture of intellectual inquiry and scholarship in the college; to provide academic space for researchers to develop invaluable competencies such as writing, quality presentation, intelligent interactions, effective public speaking, reflecting and learning to improve; to build a network among researchers; and to encourage community participation by involving teachers and principals from nearby schools and dzongkhags with the aim to support professional development needs of schools in the country.

Modalities of the Convention

  1. It is a biannual research convention namely Spring Research Convention and Autumn Research Convention. Each of the 2-days convention will be scheduled on teaching days of the week (Monday-Friday) in the last month of each semester (June/November).
  2. The convention will be characterised by a multidisplinary and multi-methodological approach in terms of the content. For instance, presentations can be based on proposals, processes or products of conventional, action-based, desktop, or policy-oriented research, scholarly commentaries, book reviews (in exceptional cases), and impact studies.
  3. The eminent or well regarded researchers and scholars will be invited to deliver lectures and interact with the faculty members and students or run parallel workshops or seminars for students or faculty members who are not in the convention on either day.
  4. Parallel research skills training or seminars will be organised for students who are not participating in the convention on either day.
  5. Students with the best paper one each for Science and Mathematics and Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Languages will be recognised. The recognition includes monetary prize of Nu 3500.00 to each awardee and an opportunity to present the paper at a relevant national research conference.
  6. Students are required to write a Reflective Journal (500 words) and submit it to the module tutor two days after the conference. At the end of the convention, each student is required to complete an Impressions Survey.