Philosophy of work:

Committed to carry out the duties and responsibility with high integrity and honesty in all the dealings. Genuine and positive desire to provide quality service and support the needs and benefit of College with a strong personal responsibility for achieving staff and student satisfaction by creating innovative working space and  conducive living environment that empower students and staff to achieve their aspirations of teaching and learning.

Passionate to always; be responsive, addressing issues, creating smart, flexible, efficient service and be dependable and available for services.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Lead the maintenance team and coordinate activities in all aspects of the day to day operation and maintenance of facilities. 
  • Prepare annual maintenance plan and monitor the implementation of it.
  • Prepare budget for operation and maintenance of facilities.
  • Coordinate technical design, technical sanction, and float tender, evaluation of bids and award of work.
  • Organize, coordinate, supervise and assist the implementation of construction works executed by contractor as well as department work including purchase of materials, tools and equipment, manage the labor force, store management and keeping records.
  • Carry out the joint measurement of work executed and verified the bills. And maintain the accurate records and account as required.
  • Keep and maintain the operation and maintenance record
  • Establish and maintain the facilities data base and provide the information concerning of facilities.
  • Overall responsibility for general running and upkeep of estate to required standard.
  • Maintain and manage cleanness of the estate premises. 
  • Ensure that tasks are planned and carried out in accordance with requirement within the prescribed time limits.
  • Identify hazards, defects to ensure compliance with codes, rules with safety.
  • Responsibly for proper utilization of space and use resources and control expenses to operate within the budgetary conditions.
  • Maintain and manage the inventory.
  • Fulfill additional duties delegated by the College Management.


Diploma in civil Engineering from (RBIT) Rinchending P/ling

Professional Experience:

15 years’ work experience in estate management , project management including the coordination and management  of technical and support  staff and operation, construction management, maintenance, and renovations. Sound practical knowledge of building construction and maintenance and ability to manage and develop a team.


Collection and planting of varieties of flowers, ornamental plants and medicine herbals plants explored through Google.

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