Mr. Chencho, Resident Coordinator

Philosophy of work:

As a concerning and responsible servant I will keep on achieving the word of His Majesty the King “No matter what task you are assigned with or whatever responsibilities that you need to shoulder, give it your best. No matter how trivial or inessential that task seems, as long as it has been assigned to you, you need to carry it out with due diligence and give it a 100%”

Academic/Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • Diploma in IT & Photo-journalism
  • Certificate course in Social Work
  • Certificate course in Communication and Soft Skills
  • Certificate in Counselling skills

Professional experience:

  • Communication skills
  • Layout and Designing of news print papers
  • Reporting and Photography ethics
  • Designing of Flyers, banners, postures, cards, advertisement etc..
  • Reprographic or printing services
  • Drafting of an official letters, e-mail correspondence, official public announcement, minutes capturing, resume writing.

Current responsibilities:

  • To assume as focal person for SCE records, data and new student registrar.
  • To assist Dean of Student Affairs through coordinating the student residents.
  • To assist Dean of Student Affairs through supporting the wellbeing of the students and Centre.
  • To assist Dean of Academic Affairs through compiling the academic records.
  • To assist Exam Secretary to prepare students’ academic mark sheets, answer sheet preparation.
  • To register and maintain the records of graduating students documents.
  • To manage the roles of Club tutor to SCE-YPEER and Health.

Publications (If any):

  • Working on SCE-Disaster Management and Contingency manual book





Thinking and writing, listening and writing and supporting others who are genuinely in need of my help that I can.

Email address: