Mr. Ugyen Dorji, Asst. Lecturer

Philosophy of teaching and learning:

Ugyen Dorji is a teacher at Samtse College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan. He has taught Mathematics, Teaching Skills and Teaching Strategies at undergraduate and PgDE level. He has a good knowledge on information technology and can comfortably navigate through software’s like MAT LAB and SPSS. He believes in applying mathematical insights in research and therefore along with the faculties from the Department of Mathematics and IT Education, he has imparted inferential statistics knowledge to teachers and lecturers by training. He firmly believes, Mathematics need to be taught creatively using inquiry based learning (IBL) method. In many Mathematics classrooms, doing Mathematics means following the rules dictated by the teacher and remembering and applying these rules. However, an IBL approach challenges students to think like Mathematicians and to acquire their own knowledge by creating/discovering Mathematics. For his Statistics module, he initiated and supervised his students in their project work particularly in applying inferential statistics in data analysis part of their study. He has also attended training (University Teacher Qualification) at Vrije University in the Netherlands. After completing the course, he has used Menti Meter in his classroom teaching and has shown improvement in the level of engagement from the students in learning. Menti Meter assist tutor in acquiring instant feedback and managing interactive classroom. A training session on Menti Meter has been offered to the faculty during the PLS (Professional Learning Series).

Academic/Educational Qualification:

  1. in Applied Mathematics (South Asian University, Currently pursuing)
  2. Post graduate Diploma in Education (Samtse College of Education, 2012);
  3. BSc in Physical Science (Sherubtse College, 2011)

Professional experience:

  1. Reviewed curriculum interms of content enhancement for modules MAT 203 (Algebra and Trigonometry) and MAT 306 (Analytic Geometry) in Mathematics and submitted for approval.
  2. Carried out a study titled “competency of B.Ed Secondary (Mathematics and Physics) graduates in teaching class XI and XII Mathematics and Science subjects.
  3. Written report on the conduct of Human Values (UHV) at Samtse College of Education and presented in the Universal Human Values seminar at College of Science and Technology (2014)
  4. Written detailed report on the conduct of Human Values (UHV) at Samtse College of Education and presented in the Universal Human Values seminar at College of Natural Resources (2016)
  5. Reviewed curriculum for life skill education at Paro College of Education; the handbook had been reviewed with additional insights from human value.
  6. Developed and submitted a proposal on the “quality of summative written test at Samtse College of Education” with several other faculties.
  7. As a Mathematics faculty, I provided training on “applying inferential statistics in research” to lecturers and teachers from the community.
  8. Supported my department in effectively carrying out research and tracer studies by categorizing and feeding data in the system and executing data analysis using SPSS and other useful software.
  9. As a resource person, conducted Universal Human Value workshop for first year and PgDE students at Samtse College of Education.
  10. As a resource person, conducted Life Skill Education seminar for the graduating students of B.Ed and PgDE courses at Samtse College of Education.

Current responsibilities:

On study leave

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Current research engagement:


Research interest:

  1. Mathematical modeling
  2. Statistics and Analysis
  3. Mathematics Education

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