Mr. Tshering, Assoc. Lecturer

Philosophy of teaching and learning:

Tshering believes that the basic purpose of the education is to enable students to actualize their unique and dynamic potentials along with the values such as Tha Damtshig and Lay Jumdrey. He also believe that such individual who constantly actualizes their potential will contribute immensely to Tsa Wa Sum: King, Country and People.

Academic/Educational Qualification:

  • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (Thesis: Assessment; Bangkok, 2017), PGDE in Biology (Samtse College of Education, 2011), B.Sc. Life Science (Sherubtse College, 2009)

Professional experiences:

  • Tshering (2019). Quantitative Data analysis by Excel Analysis ToolPak. Guest Lecturer for undergraduate students, Samtse College of Education.
  • Tshering (2019). Quantitative Data Analysis by SPSS. Guest Lecturer for postgraduate students (M.Ed), Samtse College of Education
  • Involved in development and drafting of National Educational Assessment Framework (NEAF) for Bhutan, 2019.
  • Reviewed and Wrote Educational Assessment and Evaluation Module for PGDE 18 months programme at SCE, 2018.
  • Resource person for workshop on Media Informational Literacy organized by Ministry of Information and Communications (Samtse College of Education, 2015)
  • Editorial Team of SHES-RIG Pages: a Biannual Newsletter of Samtse College of Education since 2018.
  • Attended workshop on ‘Qualitative Research Methods’ organized by Paro College of Education in partnership with UNFPA, Phuntsholing in July 2018.
  • Reviewer of the content of the Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) course, spring 2018, Lobesa.
  • Attended training on Software Package for Social Science (SPPS) organized by PCE in July, 2016.
  • Training of Trainers on Media and Information Literacy organized by the Department of Information and Media. Paro, Bhutan (16-20 May, 2016).
  • Initiated and developed Functional Information Technology (FIT) course for the Diploma in Library and Information Management for Samtse College of Education in 2015.
  • Resource person for workshop on Media Informational Literacy organized by Ministry of Information and Communications (Samtse College of Education, 2015)
  • Attended workshop on “Quantitative Research Methods’ at Gedu College of Business studies, RUB in May, 2014.
  • Facilitation Training for Life Skill Education conducted by Paro College of Education under the funding of UNFPA. College of Natural Resources, Lobesa, Bhutan (7-11 July, 2014).
  • Resource person for workshop on Teaching Pedagogies and Assessment (Reldri Academy, 2014)

Current responsibilities:

  • Taught and developed following undergraduate and postgraduate courses since 2013:
  1. BGY409: Plant Kingdom
  2. BGY102: Introduction to Biology Education
  • EDN502: Educational Assessment and Evaluation
  1. EDN102: Educational Assessment and Evaluation
  2. EDN310: Assessing Learning
  3. EDN410: Curriculum Studies
  • EDN203: Teaching Skills
  • EDN204: Teaching Strategies
  1. EDN207: Teaching Method in Upper Primary
  2. Comprehensive Sexual Education(CSE)
  3. FIT102: Functional Information Technology

Membership in External Bodies:

  • Member of Committee for Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education/Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Programme
  • Member of Committee for Assessment Standards and Examinations 2014-2019
  • Media Club Coordinator of the college
  • Tarayana Club coordinator of the college


Tshering(2019). Students perspective on the rubric usage in Educational Assessment and Evaluation. Asian Journal of Research, 1(15), p.92-100.

Tshering & Samchonok, P. (2018). Effects of using rubrics on the learning achievement of students in Educational Assessment and Evaluation. Educational Innovation and Practice: Biannual Journal of Samste Collge of Education, 1(3), p 75-88.


Tshering (2017). The effects of using rubrics on the learning Achievement in Educational Assessment and Evaluation of students in Bhutanese University . NIDA International Conference for Case Studies on Development Administration, Bangkok

Current research engagement:

  • Received College Research Stimulus Fund of Nu. 60000/ to do a research on “Effectiveness of Interactive Video Lesson in teaching and learning Biology at Samste College of Education.”
  • Received College Research Stimulus Fund of Nu. 100000/ and Annual University Research Grant (AURG) of Nu. 150000/ to do research on “Student behaviours in the Bhutanese Secondary and Tertiary Education system: Perceptions of the Bhutanese public” in 2019.
  • Received College Research Stimulus Fund of RS 52,514/- for carrying out research on “Pre-service teachers perception and knowledge on Programme for International Student Assessment Development (PISA-D): A case of Samtse College of Education”.


Best Teaching Practice Award, Samtse College of Education, 2011.

Research interest:

  • Educational assessment. Rubrics development and design, Biology Education, ICT integration in Teaching, learning and assessment, STEM education, Educational Technology.

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