Mr. Sonam Gyeltshen, Lecturer

Philosophy of teaching and learning:

Sonam Gyeltshen is a lecturer and teacher educator, currently working at Samtse College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan. He has taught Buddhist Philosophy literatures (Choenjug), the boddhisatvas way of life, Dandi’s mirror of poetry (snangag), the root text in the context of Grammar (ngagdon) Commentary of the root Grammar (sumrtags), the Bhutanese system of textiles weaving (Thazo), Translation (skad bsgayur) in Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Semtokha at higher secondary and undergraduates level.

In Samtse College of Education, he teaches various subjects such as Effective Teaching Skills, Teaching methods, Life Skills, and Dzongkha for communication, Environmental Studies, Dzongkha Reading and Writing, Dzongkha Language Education, Driglam Namzhag, and Human Values at the undergraduate level.

He has developed B.Ed primary DZG 403 module Reading and Writing in Samtse 2010, and BA in social work module. He believes that as a teacher one must be firm and empowered to know and care other with the qualities of love, kindness, compassion, sympathetic joys and delight and equanimity or even mindness.

Academic/Educational Qualification:

  • Master’s Degree in Buddhist Philosophy (Tango Buddhist University, Thimphu, 1996)
  • Purva Madhayama course in Buddhist Philosophy (Dodedrak Buddhist Institute, Thimphu, 1991)
  • PGCE in Teacher Education (Samtse NIE, 2005)
  • Class 10 from YHSS

Professional experience: 

  • Lecturer, Samtse College of Education, Samtse, 2009-
  • Lecturer, Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Semtokha, Thimphu, (2006-2009)
  • Teacher, Rinchen Higher Secondary School, Thimphu 2002-2004.

Current responsibilities:

  • DZG 103: Dzongkha for Communication (B.Ed Ist year secondary)
  • DZG 201: Dzongkha Language (B.Ed II Pry)
  • DZG 101: Teaching Methods (B.Ed II Pry)
  • DZG 403: Reading And Writing (B.Ed IV Pry)
  • EDN 203: Teaching Skills (B.Ed Pry and Secondary)
  • CSE: Life Skills (B.Ed Ist Year, PgDCCP)
  • Driglam Namzhag (B.Ed IV)

Membership in External Bodies: 

  • Committee for Student Discipline and Grievance
  • Committee for Cultural Immersion and Education
  • Committee for Assessment Standards and Examinations


Communication Skills, Impact of feedbacks.

Current research engagement:




Research interest: 

Buddhist Social work, deterioration of Dzongkha Learning within the students and low usage of Dzongkha in ministries and any other agencies.

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