Mr. Choki Wangchuk, Lab Asst.

Philosophy of work: I truly respect in the philosophyNo matter what task you are assigned with or whatever responsibilities that you need to shoulder, give it your best. No matter how trivial or inessential that task seems, as long as it has been assigned to you, you need to carry it out with due diligence and give it a 100%” His Majesty the King.

Academic/Educational Qualification:

  • Diploma in School Science Laboratory Management
  • Class XII and Certificate in Basic IT
  • Undergoing Degree in BBA

Professional experience:

  • Communication skills
  • Lab demonstration skills and practices
  • Reprographic or printing services
  • Drafting of an official letters, e-mail correspondence & minutes capturing.

Current responsibilities:

  • Communicate efficiently with the science teacher and the students by having a good knowledge on the practical techniques in science laboratory
  • To assist the students in locating and providing the necessary equipment and chemicals during practical work
  • Collect & preserve specimen and other materials required for practical and activities
  • Assist the science teacher during practical and activity classes
  • Ensure clean, tidy good and safety working environment in the laboratory
  • Prepare laboratory solution as and when required
  • Maintain a record of issues and stock balance of equipment and chemicals to enable the user and concern tutors to find out what is required and balance
  • Work out a list for procurement of damage equipment and exhausted chemicals
  • Administer the first aid in case of laboratory accident
  • Ensure that laboratory rules are strictly adhered to for the benefit of everyone
  • Provide support to nearby schools in organizing practical and consumer items like chemicals.

Publications (If any): Nil


His Majesty The King award for achieving the academic topper for Diploma in School Science Laboratory Management, Biology.


I love to learn many new things as and when get time. I wanted to help those people who come to do experiment or avail services in the laboratory.


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