• PhD in Education (India, 2018); MA in Contemplative Education (USA, 2014); Certificate in Action Research and Special Education (Australia, 2007); M.Ed in English (Canada, 1996); B.Ed in English & History (NIE Samtse (1991): Certificate in Primary teaching (NIE Samtse, 1986).

Employment History 

  • Assistant Professor, Samtse college of Education, RUB (since July, 2016)
  • Senior lecturer, Samtse College of Education, RUB (January 2011- June, 2016)
  • Lecturer and Coordinator for Lead teachers’ Certificate Course (English), Samtse College of Education (January 2006-January 2011)
  • Lecturer and Programme leader (Primary Education studies), Samtse College of Education (July, 2002- July, 2009)
  • Lecturer and Programme leader (Distance Education programme), Samtse College of Education 9January, 1998- June, 2002)
  • Lecturer, Samtse college of Education (July, 1996-December, 2010)
  • Assistant Principal, Khaling High school (January, 1993- May, 1994)
  • Teacher, Punakha High School (July, 1991- December,1992)
  • Teacher, Zilukha Primary school, Thimphu (July, 1986-June, 1988)

Teaching and Research Supervision 

Developed and taught following modules:

  • ENG 391: Creative writing and Bhutanese folktales
  • ENG 405: English Across the Curriculum
  • ENG 304: Reading and Writing in Upper Primary
  • ENG 205: Reading and Writing in Lower Primary
  • ENG 102: Listening and Speaking
  • ENG 101: Teaching Children a Foreign Language
  • EFC 305: Performance skill
  • EDN 309: Multi-grade Teaching

Taught the following modules:

  • EFC 101: Study skills
  • EDN 3310: Curriculum studies
  • EDN: 203: Teaching skills
  • EDN 203: Teaching Strategies

Taught the following Module for post grade diploma in Education (PgDE)

  • ENE 502: Teaching of English II
  • EDU 504: Curriculum studies

Developed and taught the module, EDU 603 (Contemplative Education) for the Post grade diploma in Higher education students(PgDHE)


Policy and Programme Development

As a member of the teaching faculty, programme coordinator/leader at Samtse college of education worked on the following programme development:

  • Led the development and successful launch of the 4-year Bachelor in Primary education programme in 2009.
  • In Collaboration with the University of New Brunswick, Canada, developed and led the successful launch of the Lead teachers’ program in English for primary teachers in January, 2006.
  • Led the development and successful launch of the Bachelor in Primary education through distance mode in 1999.
  • Developed 3 self-instructional course handbooks on Teaching of English for the Bachelor in Education (Distance) based on the best practices of (IGNOU) Indra Gandhi National Open University and Distance Education, UNE, Australia), 1999-2012
  • Developed 2 self-instructional course handbooks on Multi-grade teaching for Bachelor in Education (Distance) based on the best practices of (IGNOU) Indira Gandhi National Open University and Distance Education, UNE, Australia), 200-2001



Book chapters 

  • Daker, S., Lhamo, J., & Rinchen, S (2016). Meditation: A Jewel for Reflective Teaching. In M. Powietrzynska & K. Tobin (Eds.). Mindfulness and educating citizens for everyday life (pp. 73-88). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.
  • Lhamo, J., Gayphel, K., Rinchen, S., & Daker, S (2017). Dynamics of Mindfulness for purposeful living. In In M. Powietrzynska & K. Tobin (Eds.). Weaving Complementary Knowledge Systems and Mindfulness to Educate a literate Citizenry for Sustainable and Healthy lives ( 73-88). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Journal articles 

  • Daker,s. & Latchanna, G (2017). A Lived experience in befriending emotion, Deep listening and Mindful Speech: An Auto ethnographic study. International Education and Research Journal. Vol.3, No.1, pp. 24-28.
  • Latchanna, G.& Daker, S. (2016). A Study of Reflective Teaching Practices in the Bhutanese Secondary schools. International Education and Research Journal. Vol.2, No.10, pp. 21-24.
  • Jamtsho, S., Gaytsho, T., Galey, K. & Daker, S (2005). Student and Tutor Perspections of Distance Education programme for Inservice teachers at NIE, Samtse. Rig-Gter: Academic Journal of NIE Samtse.
  • Daker, S. (2002). Distance Education: A concept Paper. Rig-Gter: Academic Journal of NIE Samtse.
  • Daker, S. (1995). Reading Habits of Fredicton Jr. High school grade seven students, Canada and the grade seven students of Yangchenphug High School, Bhutan: A comparative Study. 


  • Promotion of Reflective teaching practices in a Bhutanese Teacher Education Programme: A Case study. (PhD, 2018)
  • The Daily practice of Meditation: A Teacher Educator’s journey to cultivate mindful practices. (MA, Contemplative Education)
  • Implementation of Whole language strategies in a Bhutanese grade seven classroom. (M.Ed)


Conference Papers/Invited Talks  

  • Daker, S. (2006). Bhutanese language sound and English sounds: Similarities and Differences. Talk delivered at Jolly Phonics Workshop. (Fredicton, NB, Canada, October, 20th, 2006).
  • Daker, S. (2003). Multi-grade Teaching in Bhutan. Talk delivered at Newling Public school, (Arimadale, NSW: Australia, 2003)
  • Daker, S. (2001). Distance education programme in Bhutan: Opportunities and Challenges. Talk delivered at the ‘Seminar on Management and delivery-open university’. (Delhi: India, 7th -10th December, 2001)
  • Daker, S. (1998). Distance learning in Bhutan. Talk delivered at Workshop on Planning and Management of Distance Learning. (STOU: Bangkok ,14th -18th December, 1998).
  • Daker, S. (1996). Teaching English in Bhutan. Talk delivered at the conference ‘Shifting English Strands, NCTE North Regional Conference’. (Vancouver, Canada, 25th -28th April, 1996) 

Professional Service 

  • Reviewed the English curriculum for 5-8 and selected texts and materials (May, 2006)
  • Reviewed and revamped the B.Ed. Teaching skills and strategies (Phuntsholing, Feb1-Feb10th, 2006)
  • Resource person for workshop on Multi-grade teaching (Paro, January,2005)
  • Reviewed English books published in Bhutan and outside which could be bought for schools (1998 & 2005)
  • Worked on Multi-grade Curriculum Mapping (PP-VI). (Paro, January1-30th, 2005)
  • Worked on PP-XII English Curriculum Review and Reform (Shaba, Paro, June 25-July 26th ,2004)
  • As a team member, developed the project proposal for Organization and Delivery of ICT-supported distance learning in Bhutan. (UOT, Jakarta: Indonesia, August7-16, 2002)
  • Resource person for workshop on Teaching English (Phuntsholing, January,1997)
  • Resourced the Professional development cycle for Samtse cluster II teachers (1997 & 1998)
  • Reviewed the English Curriculum for Primary Schools (Thimphu, May,1987)


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