Dr. Sonam Rinchen, Assoc. Professor

Philosophy of work:

Sonam Rinchen, PhD is a teacher educator at Samtse College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan. He has taught chemistry, chemistry education, research methods and other educational modules to the pre-service and in-service teachers. He is a passionate teacher and keen researcher. His research interests include teacher education and women studies. He is also interested in the study of emotions and emotional climate of science classrooms both at the school and university level.Besides teaching and research, he has designed a number of courses for Bachelor in Education, Diploma in Science laboratory Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, and Masters in Science Education at Samtse College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan.

Academic/Educational Qualification:

  •  Ph. D(Emotional Climate in science education class), QUT, Brisbane, Australia (2014).
  • Ed (Curriclum and Instruction, Sc Education), University of New Brunswick, Canada (2001).
  • B.Ed (Education), National Institute of Education, Samtse, Bhutan (1992).

Professional experience:

  • Reviewer of journal article. RABSEL: The CERD Journal, PCE, RUB, Paro Bhutan since 2015
  • Managing Editor of Rig-Gter: Academic Journal of NIE Samtse (from 2007 to 2012).
  • Managing Editor of EIP-A Biannual Journal of SCE Samtse (from 2015 to 2017).
  • Member of International Society for Teacher Education (ISTE), since 2008
  • Member of Australian Teachers Education Association (ATEA), since 2009
  • Resourced induction programme for Assistant lecturers of RUB, at SCE, Samtse, 2014.
  • Ran action research sessions for lecturers from RUB as part of CULT programme in 2011 at SCE.
  • Resourced workshop on Action Research for Schools teachers at Samtse Dzongkhag, Samtse, 2018.
  • Resourced workshop on Action Research for Schools Principals from the Eastern region at Trashigang Dzongkhag, Trashigang, 2019.

Current responsibilities:

  • Dean of Research and Industrial Linkages
  • Module tutor for M.Ed, B.Ed and PgDE
  • Ed research supervisor – 5 students, 2019

Publications (If any):

Book chapters

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 Journal articles 

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National Order of Merit Gold for Excellence in Teaching, 2014.


  • Teaching both at the school and university level
  • Research interests in the areas of teacher education, women studies, study of emotions, emotional climate of classrooms, and action research.
  • Research supervision.
  • Programme development

Email address: srinchen.sce@rub.edu.bt