Dr. Kinely Seden, Lecturer

Philosophy of teaching and learning:

My philosophy of teaching and learning is to enhance constructive classroom environment (CLE) as ensuring CLE can promote learning. With the focus on enhancing CLE, I plan to use teaching, learning, and assessment approaches that is inclusive and diverse in nature.

I also believe that caring and supporting climate results in greater learning for students. Therefore, I believe in the principle of differentiated instructional and assessment practices.

Offering choice and involving students in the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment activities (TLA) are essential component of my TLA practices as I strongly strive for transparency in my TLA processes.

Academic/Educational Qualification:

  • PhD in Education (Masaryk University. The Czech Republic and Evtos Lorand University, Hungary, 2019)
  • MA in Economic Studies (Australia, 2005); PGCE (NIE Samtse, 2001); BA (India, 2000).

Professional experience:

Developed programmes and procedures for the enhancement of teaching, and learning in the Royal University of Bhutan.

  • Led the development of a course called Economics Education for Postgraduate Diploma in Education (2019)
  • Initiated and led the review of PgDE programme (2011-2016)
  • Participated in the development of programme called Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Higher Education
  • Developed a course called curriculum theory for Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (2013)
  • Participated and presented papers at both national and international conferences
  • Published articles in both institutional, national and international journals
  • Conducted professional development sessions for school teachers on TLA practices (2014 and 2019)

Current responsibilities:


  • EDN 511: Curriculum Development and Change (M.Ed)
  • ECE502: Economics Education (PgDE B
  • EDU203: Teaching skills (B.Ed II year Science A)


  • Member of Research Committee
  • Class advisor to M.Ed
  • Engaged in Social Science Departmental activities
  • Engaged in PgDE Programme activities
  • Engaged in M.Ed programme activities

Membership in External Bodies

  1. Member of ISfTE: International Society for Teacher Education (Since January 2018)
  2. Member of ATEE: Association of Teacher Education in Europe (Since October 2017)
  3. Member of ICET: International Council on Education for Teaching (Since June 2017)


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Maxwell, T., & et al. (2014). Experience of becoming and being academic women in Bhutan.

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Current research engagement:

  1. Psychological wellbeing of college students
  2. Impact of classroom wellbeing on student learning: Student perceptions


  • European Doctorate in Teacher Education (EDiTE), Masaryk University, 2016-2019


  • Extraordinary Scholarship, Masaryk University, (2018)
  • Australian Leadership Award Fellow, University of New England (Australia), 2013
  • Curriculum and Assessment, Institute for curriculum development (SLO) and CITO, The Netherlands, 2012
  • CRPP (Redesigning Pedagogy-Culture, Knowledge &Understanding, N.I.E, (Singapore), 2006

Research interest:

  1. Gender and education
  2. Psychology in teaching, learning and assessment
  3. Assessment practices in schools and colleges
  4. Action Research
  5. Professional development

Email address: kseden.sce@rub.edu.bt