Dr. Ganeshman Gurung, Lecturer

Philosophy of teaching and learning:

My philosophy of education and teaching is that all learners are unique and has immense potentials, strengths and goodness. Therefore, education must provide learners opportunities to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. I also believe that education must enable learners to understand the objective truth of the world. This is important because truth independent from individual subjectivity is a powerful knowledge to change the world. As an educator, it is my desire to create learning environment where learners can meet their full potentials and are also driven by the quest for the objective truth.

Academic/Educational Qualification:

  • 2015: Doctorate of Philosophy, Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • 2007: MSc in Applied Geography, Madras University, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • 2001: Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), National Institute of Education, Samtse, Bhutan (2001).
  • 2000: BA Geography (Honors), Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Bhutan (Degree awarded by Delhi University, India.

Professional experience:

  • 2007 – Till date:      Lecturer, Samtse College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan.
  • 2002 – 2006: Teacher, Nangkor Higher Secondary School, Pemagatshel.
  • 2000 – 2001: Teacher, Sherubling Middle Secondary School, Trongsa.

Current responsibilities:

  • Teaching in MEd Programmes
  • Research supervision
  • Officiating Dean, Research and Industrial Linkages (RIL)
  • Programme Leader, BA in Social Work Programme.
  • Project Coordninator, UNICEF for Samtse College of Education.

Publications and conferences:

Gurung, & Humphreys, C. (2019). Social Work in Bhutan: Challenging Orthodoxies with a New Social Work Course. Proceeding of the international conference on emerging social work practices and education. Samtse College of Education.

Gurung, G., Kinley, Gyeltshen, T.,  Chhetri, R. K.,  Lhapchu, Subba B.H., & Wangmo, S. (2018). Understanding Marriage and Cohabitation Practices in Bhutan. Royal Government of Bhutan, National Commission for Women and Children.

Gurung, G. (2016). Integrating Research with Teaching: A Case of Year I B. Ed Secondary Arts  Students of Samtse College of Education. Enhancing teaching learning, Spring Research Convention, Samtse College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan, Samtse, 26-27 May.

Gurung, G. (2015). Water Balance Techniques and their Applicability in Eco-climatic Studies of Bhutan. (Doctoral dissertation, Andhra University, India).

Rinchen, S., Utha, K., Gurung, G., Gurung, B., & Rabgay, S. (2015). Entrepreneurship Education in Bhutan: Perception, Culture and Challenges. The RUB-BOIC research partnership on ‘Entrepreneurship in Education: Exploring its status and relationship to economic competitiveness in Bhutan’. Royal University of Bhutan and Business Opportunity and Information Centre, Royal Government of Bhutan.

Gurung, G. & Malini, H. B. (2014). Impacts of Water Deficit on Maize Yields: A Case Study of Mongar District, Bhutan. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, 3(1).

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Email: ggurung.sce@rub.edu.bt