Programme Overview

The Master of Education (M Ed) programme at Samtse College of Education (SCE) is a postgraduate degree with specialization in science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) or Mathematics awarded by RUB. The programme is meant for secondary school science and mathematics teachers. It aims to prepare science and mathematics teachers to be critical, reflective and able to engage in educational research and use it to improve the effectiveness of their professional practice. This programme will also help to enhance the quality of teaching by up-scaling the teachers’ content knowledge in their subjects of specialization, professional values and pedagogical competencies. The teachers will develop the competency to effectively implement instructional and assessment practices in their subjects. Further, during the programme teachers will be encouraged to critically reflect on, review, and evaluate their own classroom practices. As well, the programme will prepare teachers to serve as change agents in identifying and developing solutions to issues that impact science and mathematics education in the country.

Learning outcomes of the Programme

On completion of the programme, students will be able to:

  • articulate the higher level of competency in their content knowledge and pedagogical skills related to science and mathematics education;
  • develop a philosophy about education and apply it in their practice;
  • exhibit in-depth content knowledge in their subject of specialization and apply it in classroom teaching and learning;
  • demonstrate the knowledge of contemporary issues in teaching science and mathematics in schools ;
  • analyse and evaluate common misconceptions in their subject of specialization;
  • demonstrate research competency through the application of relevant methods and apply the findings in their classroom practice;
  • reflect on and share their experiences as classroom practitioners to improve their own and others’ classroom practices;
  • apply contemporary teaching, learning and assessment methods in their practice;
  • exhibit innovation and creativity in designing, performing and evaluating experiments in classroom settings;
  • demonstrate educational research competency through the application of relevant methods and apply the findings in their classroom practice;
  • evaluate and reflect on their performance as researchers or practitioners to make recommendations for future practice/research and explain how these recommendations might be implemented for future practice/research;
  • carry out an independent piece of research which culminates in a dissertation; and
  • facilitate professional development of other teachers in their schools/Dzongkhag related to science and mathematics.

Curriculum Structure


EDU509Principles of Learning & Teaching15 Credits
EDU510Educational Research Methods15 Credits
PHE503Physics of Contemporary Issues15 Credits
CME503Chemistry of Contemporary Issues15 Credits
BIE503Biology of Contemporary Issues15 Credits
MAE503Mathematics of Contemporary Issues15 Credits
ADS601Advanced Studies I 15 Credits


EDU511Curriculum Change & Development15 Credits
PHE504Misconceptions in Physics15 Credits
CME504Misconceptions in Chemistry15 Credits
BIE504Misconceptions in Biology15 Credits
MAE504Misconceptions in Mathematics15 Credits
RES602Dissertation Proposal15 Credits
ADS602Advanced Studies II15 Credits


EDU605Introduction to Educational Statistics15 Credits
EDU606Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Science & Mathematics15 Credits
PHE601Technology & Teaching Aids in Physics15 Credits
CME601Technology & Teaching Aids in Chemistry15 Credits
BIE601Technology & Teaching Aids in Biology15 Credits
MAE601Technology & Teaching Aids in Mathematics15 Credits
ADS603Advanced Studies III15 Credits


RES603Dissertation60 Credits

For more information about the programme, please contact:

Mr. Kuenzang Gyeltshen
Dean of Academic Affairs
Phone: +975-05-365397


Dr. Nandu Giri
Program Leader(Chemistry)
Mrs. Ugyen Pem    Programme Leader(Physics)
Mr. Ransingh Tamang.  Programme Leader(Biology)
Mrs. Bijoy Hungmo Subba Programme Leader(Maths)