Programme Overview

The diploma programme is aimed to provide in-depth knowledge and skills on organization and management of science laboratory by familiarizing them with all the experiments, apparatus, chemicals and other materials used in science laboratories and with the methods of creating a scientific environment in and around the science laboratory. They will also be provided basic language skills in English and Dzongkha, besides basic ICT skills. This programme will help the laboratory assistants to bring out their inner talents and to be interested and critical in scientific phenomena.

Learning outcomes of the programme

Upon completion of the programme, the laboratory assistants will be able to:
1. Handle laboratory apparatus and equipment correctly;

2. Prepare laboratory solutions of correct strength;

3. Set-up apparatus diligently for carrying out experiments;

4. Help students in carrying out experiments successfully;

5. Assist students in locating and providing necessary equipment and chemicals during practical work;

6. Take safety precautions required against each apparatus, chemical and situation;

7. Carry out minor repair and maintenance of laboratory equipment;

8. Support teachers/lecturers in conducting laboratory experiments;

9. Maintain stock register of laboratory chemicals and apparatus;

10. Arrange the apparatus, chemicals and specimens in proper place to make the laboratory user friendly;
11. Develop positive attitude and liking towards science so as to foster a love for learning and the profession;
12. Give first aid in case of laboratory accidents;

13. Improvise some laboratory apparatus with locally available materials;

14. Exhibit the skills of laboratory management to create proper learning atmosphere in and around science laboratory;

15. Collect and preserve specimens and other materials required for practical and activities;
16. Create a learning atmosphere to encourage the students’ involvement in scientific research;

17. Take necessary steps to dispose damaged equipment, exhausted chemicals and wastes properly;

18. Carry out the routine checkup of gas plant, fume cupboard, microscope, balance, etc;

19. Help the science faculty to organize science exhibitions, science fairs etc effectively.

Curriculum Structure