Programme Overview 

The Bachelor of Education (Primary) a three-year programme was launched in 1993 following a decision by the Teacher Education Committee (TEC) to develop a programme that would prepare a group of teachers with higher academic and professional qualifications to teach and provide competent instructional leadership at the primary level.

Now offered as a four-year full-time programme, the programme requires students to reflect and blend theory with practice through a combination of class-based learning at the college and field-based learning at practicum placements. The intention of the programme is to prepare primary school teachers who are well-equipped to respond to the current educational climate in the country.

B.Ed. Pry focuses on the education of PP – VI children (6-12 years), including modules such as Creative Arts, Children with Special Needs, Play Development, Action Research, and Foundations of Early Childhood.

The programme provides a holistic experience for students and takes a fresh look at teacher education in the 21st century. The programme is designed to familiarize teacher candidates with basic skills of teaching, while also encouraging them to critically examine the sociocultural dynamics of learning across individual students in the current changing landscape of Bhutan.

Learning Outcomes of the Programme

  • Develop the competence and confidence in the subjects being taught in the primary levels
  • Be able to identify the problems of students, their causes and take suitable measures to help them.
  • Develop and practice the skills that the teachers will require to teach in the primary schools
  • Develop an understanding of the guiding concepts of each of the subjects being offered in the primary school, and have a sound knowledge and understanding of the subjects they are required to teach
  • Develop creativity in them and appreciate the same in children
  • Organize and manage the classroom effectively
  • Be able to identify, obtain, make and improvise appropriate teaching/learning aids and use them effectively
  • Develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning and use the knowledge and skills gained as a basis for professional improvement and personal development.
  • Conduct action research on an area of interest.
  • Develop skills to gather information from various sources such as the library and other social and natural environment
  • Be able to construct and use a variety of evaluation procedures

Curriculum Structure

Semester I
EDN101Bhutanese Education System12  Credits
FIT101Functional Information Technology12   Credits
EDN102Child Development12  Credits
ENG101Theory and Principles of Teaching a Children a Language12  Credits
EDN103Introduction to Academic Skills12  Credits
Semester II
EDN104Creative Arts in Lower Primary12  Credits
EDN105Skills for Effective Teaching12  Credits
MAT101Math in Lower Primary 112  Credits
ENG102Listening and Speaking12  Credits
EVS101Environmental Studies (EVS) in Lower Primary12  Credits
Semester III
EDN206Play Development and Early Childhood12  Credits
END207Teaching Methods in Lower Primary12  Credits
MAT202Math in Lower Primary 212 Credits
ENG203Reading and Writing in Lower Primary12  Credits
SST201Social Studies12  Credits
Semester IV
EDN208Teaching Methods in Upper Primary12  Credits
EDN209Introduction to Action Research12  Credits
DZG201Dzongkha Language in Lower Primary12  Credits
SCI201Primary Science12 Credits
HPE201HPE in Lower Primary12  Credits

Semester V

EDN310Multi-grade Teaching12  Credits
DZG302Dzongkha Teaching Methods in Lower Primary12  Credits
END311Assessing Learning12  Credits
ENG304Reading and Writing in Upper Primary12  Credits
EDN312Creative Arts in Upper Primary12  Credits

Semester VI

EDN313Teaching Practicum60  Credits

Semester VII

EDN414Teaching Children with Special Needs12  Credits
MAT403Math in Upper Primary 112  Credits
HPE402HPE in Upper Primary12  Credits
DZG403Reading and Writing in Dzongkha12  Credits
EDN415Curriculum Studies12  Credits

Semester VIII

EDN419ICT in Education12  Credits
EDN417Foundation of Early Childhood Education12  Credits
ENG405English Across the Curriculum12  Credits
MAT404Math in Upper Primary 212  Credits




Knowing Learning and Teaching (optional)

Research Project (optional)

Guidance and Counselling (optional)

Improving Testing (optional)

12  Credits


For more information about the programme, please contact:

Mr. Kuenzang Gyeltshen
Dean of Academic Affairs
Phone: +975-05-365397


Mrs. Sonam Wangmo
Program Leader

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