Mr. harihara Subramonia P, Lecturer

Philosophy of teaching and learning:

My philosophy of teaching can be described as a philosophy of learning. I must focus on student learning and adjust my teaching strategies in response to the speed and depth of student understanding in order to be an effective instructor. I view teaching as an interaction between an instructor and a student. Thus, the impact of this interaction on learning, rather than my activities as an instructor is of primary importance.

I have three goals for any course that I teach:

  1. to foster critical thinking so that students may become effective consumers of psychological information,
  2. to promote mastery of course content, and
  3. to encourage application of course materials to real-world contexts.

Academic/Educational Qualification:

  1. ed in Geography, Kerala University (1997)
  2. Sc in Geography, kerala University (1996)
  3. Sc in Geography, Kerala university 91994)

Professional experience: 

Attended almost and the PLS conducted in the college.

Current responsibilities: 

Teaching Geography modules like

  1. GPY203: Lithosphere – Land and Seas
  2. GPY306: People and Society
  3. GPY408: Human settlements

Class Advisor of B.Ed II (S) Arts ‘B’

Examination Secretary – Assessment Standards and Examination Committee

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Current research engagement: 


Research interest: 

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