Fixed term appointment
Leave Form
  • Leave Form
Performance Management System (PMS)
  • Monitoring Tool for the staff pursuing PhD
  • Guidelines for Academic Performance Index (API) for Academic
  • Individual Work Planning Form for Administrative and Technical Staff
  • Individual Work Planning Form for Academics
  • Beneficiary Feedback Form
  • Peer Feedback Form
  • Subordinates Feedback Form
  • Student Feedback Form
Professional Development
  • Professional Development Form
  • List of Documents to be Submitted by a  Staff
  • Check List for varying Documents
  • Letter of Award
  • Undertaking 
  • Departure intimation Form
  • Course Joining Report Form and Bank account information
  • Joining Report upon Completion of Professional Development
  • Professional Development Report Form
  • Feedback Form
  • Undertaking for Secondment
  • Promotion Form
  • External Evaluator Solicitation Letter Template for Promotion to Associate Professor/Professor
  • Promotion Summary Form
  • Supplementary Meritorious Promotion Proposal Form
Recruitment, Selection and appointment of regular staff
  • Employee Application Form
  • Interview Form Academics Viva Voce
  • Interview Form Administrative/Technical Viva Voce
  • Declaration of Conflict of Interest
  • Transfer Application Form
  • Entitlement For Transfer
  • Travel Bill
  • Advance Application Form