• MA in History (India, 2011); PGCE (NIE Samtse,2005); BA with Honours in English(Bhutan,2003)

Employment History

  • Subject Leader for History, Samtse College of Education, RUB (since July 2017)
  • Lecturer, Samtse College of Education, RUB (Since March 2016)
  • Teacher, head, Department of English, Damphu Higher Secondary School (2015-2016)
  • Teacher and Focal Teacher for Disaster Management, Damphu Higher Secondary School (2013-2016)
  • Teacher and Warden, Jigmesherubling Higher Secondary School (2011-1013)
  • Teacher, Warden and Agriculture Focal Teacher, Jigmesherubling Higher Secondary School (2006-2009)

Teaching and Research Supervision

  • Has taught undergraduate and postgraduate (both pre-service and in-service)students
  • Has taught the following undergraduate courses at the Colleges of Education, in Samtse from 2013 till date:

 Postgraduate courses

  • i) EDN501: History Education I
  • ii) EDN 502: History Education II

Undergraduate course

  • iii) EDN 410: Curriculum Studies
  • iv)HIS408:   National Movements and the Emergence of Nation State
  • v)HIS307:   Regional History II
  • vi) HIS306: History of Ideas
  • vii) EDN307: Education for Development
  • viii) EDN203: Teaching Skills
  • ix) EDN205: Teaching Strategis
  • x)HIS204:   Regional History I
  • xi) HIS205: The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan
  • xii) HIS101: History Education



  • Research and writing of Bhutan Civics: Course Book for classes VII-XII (Dec. 2006-Jan.2007)
  • Research and writing of Bhutan Civics: Teacher’s Guide for classes VII-XII (Dec. 2006-Jan.2007) 


  • History, Culture and Economy of Assamtsa Community: An Ethnographic Approach, funded by Annual University Research Grant (AURG), Royal University of Bhutan.
  • Understanding marriage and cohabitation practices in Bhutan, funded by UNICEF (ongoing).


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