• Researcher in Buddhist Social Work, Asian Research Institute for International  Social Work, Shukutoku University, Japan(2017)
  • Master of Counselling, Health Sciences, Curtin University, Australia(2010-12)
  • Bachelor of Education, Samtse College of Education, Samtse Bhutan(2008)
  • Diploma in Guidance & Counselling, National Council of Education Research and Training, New Delhi, India(2006)
  • Primary Teacher’s Training Certificate, National Institute of Education, Samtse, Bhutan(1990)

Teaching Experiences

  • Lecturer, Samste College of Education
  • Teach and train counsellors: COU606 Advanced Clinical Process, Skills and Supervision in. (COU505) Counselling Theories, (COU503) Counselling Process and Skills, (PSY502) The Psychology of Human Development in both part time mode and full time Postgraduate Diploma Contemplative Counselling Psychology (PgDCCP)(2012)
  • Teach Child Development, Learning Process, School Guidance and Counselling and Professional subjects, (Teach Life Skills Education (Teaching Skills & Teaching Strategies) in Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Bachelor in Education
  • Teacher Counsellor, Samtse Higher Secondary School Bhutan(2000-09)
  • Teacher, Samtse Junior High School, Samste Bhutan(1998-2008)
  • Teacher, Samtse Primary School, Samste Bhutan(1990-97)
  • Counsellor, Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre Inc. Mirrabooka WA 6941(2011-12)
  • Counsellor, Samtse Higher Secondary School(2000-09)


Other Professional Experiences

  • National Certified Supervisor, Bhutan Board Certified Counsellor, Thimphu Bhutan(2017)
  • Program Leader for the Bachelor for Social work.  Coordinate and maintain linkages with the stakeholder for the BA program(2017)
  • Board Member of Bhutan Certified Counselling Board, Thimphu Bhutan (2016-to date)
  • Member, Community based Support System(CBSS), Samtse Dzongkag(2016 –to date)
  • Center Head for the Contemplative Counselling Education and Research(2016-17)
  • Programme Leader for the Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

Co-ordinated all programme related activities with highest level of efficiency and competence to provide the academic and organizational leadership for the Programme.(2012-16)

  • Liaise and maintain regular linkages with relevant organization both within and  outside country for effective operations and quality programme development
  • Maintain program records and submit program reports to the concerned authorities.
  • Co-ordinate programme development workshops and reviewed the PgDGC curriculum and assisted in the development of the MACCP programme in collaboration with faculties from Naropa University, USA.
  • Visiting scholar to Naropa University, Boulder, CO, USA to learn how Contemplative Psychotherapy is used in the field of counselling –as part of faculty exchange programme between Naropa University and Royal University of Bhutan(2014)
  • Vice Principal, Samtse Higher Secondary School, and Samtse Bhutan(2006-09)
  • School Counsellor, Samtse Higher Secondary School(2000-07)
  • Teacher Counsellor, Samste Junior High School(2002-06)
  • Teacher, Samtse Junior High School(1990-2005)

Workshops/Trainings/Seminars attended:

  • Attended course work on International Social Work, Asian Research Institute for International Social Work, Shukutoku University, Chiba, Japan(March,2018)
  • Attended International Expert meeting on Buddhist Social Work, University of Social Science and Humanities, VNU, Faculty of Sociology, Hanoi, Vietnam (Dec 2017).
  • Attended the 3rd Shukutokhu University International Social Work Academic Forum in the title “What should curriculum for International Social Work Education be?”. Conducted at Japanese Association for Social Work Education Tokyo, Japan (2017)
  • Third National Bhutan Counselling Conference, Thimphu, Bhutan conducted in     collaboration with RENEW and professionals from National Board of Certified Counsellors (NBCC), USA (2017)
  • Training Programme on Community Radio, organized by the Department of Information and Media in collaboration with UNESCO’s International programme for the development of Communication and the UNESCO Chair on Community Media. CST, Phuntsholing(2016)
  • Survey Data Analysis Training, Institute for Social and Environment Research, Nepal, Fulbari, Chitwan, Nepal (2016)
  • Attended meditation Dathun, in Shambhala Red Feather Lake, Boulder, Colorado, USA(2015)
  • Attended meditation on Loving and Kindness, Shambhala Red Feather Lake, Boulder, Colorado, USA(2014)
  • Second Bi-annual Counselling Conference, Thimphu, Bhutan conducted in collaboration with RENEW and professionals from National Board of Certified Counsellors(NBCC), USA(2013)
  • Training on Addiction Counselling, Group Counselling and Clinical Supervision conducted by the NBBC International, USA at Thimphu(2013)
  • Training on Life Skills Based Comprehensive Sexuality Education conducted by the UNFPA CO, Bhutan in collaboration with the Royal University of Bhutan at Gaedu College of Business Studies.(2013)
  • Attended Participatory Action Research on Gender, CNR, Lobesa(2013)
  • First Bi-annual Counselling Conference conducted in collaboration with RENEW and Professionals from National Board of Certified Counsellors (NBCC), USA at Thimphu(2011)
  • Life Skills Education Workshop conducted by UNFPA, Gedu College, Bhutan2010)
  • Attended Participatory Action Research on Gender, CNR, Lobesa(2010)
  • Intensive Workshop on Promotion of Volunteerism in Rural Community Development, Samtse College of Education, Bhutan(2007)
  • Vipassana (10 days), Dhamma Centre, New Delhi. India(2007)
  • Vipassana (10 days), Samtse College of Education(2005)
  • Workshop on Family Planning / Teenage Pregnancy – Yangon, Myanmar(2003)
  • Workshop based on HIV/AIDS from South Asia Regional Forum for Young   People, Kathmandu, Nepal(2002)
  • Training of Trainers in Guidance and Counselling, Punakha HSS(2002)
  • Advanced Training on Career and Counselling, Punakha HSS(2001)
  • Basic Training in Guidance and Counselling, Punakha HSS(2000)

Workshops/Seminars resourced

  • Facilitated training on Career Counselling and Mindfulness Retreat for Education Consultancy and placement Firms (ECPFs)(2017)
  • Facilitated Consultative Meeting on Social Work Programme, UNICEF, Bhutan, Thimphu(2017)
  • Facilitated training on Basic Counselling Skills for Community Based Support System Respect, Educate, Nurture Empower Women (RENEW), Samtse Dzongkhag, Samtse Bhutan(2017)
  • Facilitated training on Basic Counselling Skills for Resident Managers under RUB colleges, Samtse College of Education(2017)
  • Facilitated/ led one-week mindfulness retreat for school teachers in Samste, Bhutan(2017)
  • Facilitated Basic Counselling Skills for Dean Academics under RUB colleges, Samtse College of Education(2016)
  • Resourced group facilitation workshop for school counsellors, Samtse Bhutan(2016)
  • Facilitated training for teenage parents on basic communication for the wives of the Army, Samste Bhutan(2016)
  •  Facilitated mindfulness retreat for the faculty of Samste College of Education, Samste Bhutan(2016)
  • Facilitated Media Information and Literacy Workshop for SCE graduating students funded by MOIF(2015)
  • Facilitated Life Skills Education Workshop for SCE faculty and graduating students funded by the UNFPA, Bhutan(2013)


Seminars/Conference and Publications

  • Presented a paper on taming the monkey mind, Spring faculty-student Research Convention(May 2017)



  • Master of Arts in Contemplative Counselling Psychology (MACCP), Programme document, SCE, Samste Bhutan(2016)
  • Counselling and Career Education (PgDE), Programme, Module, SCE, Samtse Bhutan(2016)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling (PgDGC), Programme document, Samtse Bhutan(2012)
  • Formative assessment practices in Bhutanese Secondary Schools and its impact on quality of education. Education Innovation and Practice; Journal of Samtse College of Education, Samtse(2012)

Currently, my responsibilities include:


Head of Centre

  • Centre Head for Contemplative Counselling Education Research Centre, Samtse College of Education.
  • Program Co-ordinator, for Social Work, Samste College of Education, Bhutan.
  • Programme Leader for the Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling PgDCCP (both Part time and Fulltime)– coordinate Programme Committee meetings and various workshops for the programme development.
  • Facilitate the development of the Bachelor in Social Work with faculty from Don BoscoUniversity, Guwahati, India.
  • Lead the development of the master curriculum in collaboration with faculty from Naropa University.
  • Co-ordinate linkage between The Colombo Plan and Samtse College for Certification and Education of Addiction Professionals.
  • Facilitate the review of the PgDCCP curriculum.
  • Liaise and maintain linkages with relevant organization both within and outside the country for quality Programme development.

Teaching and Training

  • Teaching all Counselling modules in PgDCCP (both Part time and Fulltime) such as Counselling Theories, School Guidance and Counselling, Counselling process andSkills, Special Topics, Group Procedures in Guidance and Counsellingand Career Education.
  • Teaching unaccredited modules across the programme:  Life Skills Based Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Optional Module Counselling and Career Education (PDE502).
  • Supervise PgDCCP students on Counselling Field Practice
  • Leading group meditation for PgDCCP.

Advisory roles

  • Class Advisor for PgDCCP: Provide pastoral care, monitor student progress and supervise SUPW
  • Organize and coordinate all PgDCCP (both part-time and fulltime) activities and monitoring student progress.


  • Provide Counselling Service and group counselling services to students and others through the Student Counselling Service set up in the College.

Research and Programme Development

  • Assist in the development of Bachelor in Social Work in collaboration with Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati, India
  • Carry our timely curriculum review of the modules for B.Ed, PgDE and PgDGC.
  • Design and develop short courses in the area of Counselling and Educational Psychology for the specified target groups.
  • Developing Tracer questionnaire for PgDCCP program offered at the Samste College of Education.

Research/Programme Development Grants

  • Secured $6,793.70(six thousand seven hundred ninety three and cents seventy) only for the development of Shamatha Meditation hall for Samtse College of Education.
  • Initiated the development of Khu Sung Thug Project, Sitting Like a Rock Project for Centre for Contemplative Counselling Education and Research.



Contact No: (+975) 17397040


In 2011, student loans accounted for a greater slice of the debt pie than credit cards for the first time in the u