• M.Sc in Theoretical Physics (India, 2008); PGCE (NIE Samtse, 2003); B.Sc (Gen.) A (Bhutan, 2002).

Employment History

  • Lecturer, Samtse College of Education, RUB (since August 2008)
  • Lecturer and Head of Physics Department, Samtse College of Education, RUB ( Jan 2012 – June 2016)
  • Subject Leader, Physics Department, Samtse College of Education, RUB (July 2016 to till date)
  • Teacher, Wamrong Secondary School, MoE (Jan 2004 – July 2008)

Teaching and Research Supervision

Developed courses, taught undergraduate and diploma students since 2008.

  • Supervisor, Masters Research Dissertation, Samtse College of Education, 2018.
  • Has taught the following post-graduate courses at Samtse College of Education:
  • PHE502 Physics Education
  • ADS602 Advance Studies II
  • EDU602 Educational Technology

Has taught the following undergraduate courses at Samtse Colleges of Education, Samtse from 2008 to till date

  • PHY101 Physics Education
  • PHY102 Mechanics
  • PHY203 Physics Education
  • PHY204 Optics and Waves
  • PHY306 Electricity
  • PHY409 Modern Physics
  • EDU205 Teaching Strategy
  • EDU203 Teaching Skills

Has taught the following diploma courses at Samtse College of Education, Samtse from 2014 to till date

  • PHS101 Introductory Physics
  • PHS202 Mechanics
  • PHS204 Electromagnetism and Astronomy
  • PHS307 Optics and Nuclear Physics

Has taught the following subjects at Wamrong Middle Secondary School, Trashigang from 2004 to 2006

  • Mathematics ( Class IX and X)
  • Physics (Class IX and X)



Journal articles

  • Wangmo, S., Subba, B., Penjor, T., Jurme, K., & Yangden. (2014). A Tracer Study on the First Batch of B.Ed. (Four Year Programme) Graduates of Samtse College of Education (Vol. 3). Bhutan Journal of Research and Development (BJRD), Thimphu, Bhutan.
  • Choeda, Tandin Penjor, Dorji Dupka, & Zander, P O, (2016). The state of Integration of the Virtual Learning Environment and ICT into the pedagogy of the Royal University of Bhutan: A descriptive study. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT), 2016, Vol. 12, Issue 1, pp. 71-88
  • Kinley, Choeda, Drukpa, D., Penjor,  T., Dorji, C. (2016). Conceptualisation and Implementation: A Preliminary Study of Two Central Schools in Samtse (Vol 1). Educational Innovation and Practice(EIP: Vol 1, Issue 2, pp. 53-62.

Conference Papers/Invited Talks

  • Choeda, C., Zander, O., Penjor, T., Dukpa, D., & Rai, R. (2014). The ICT-Integrated Pedagogy in the Colleges of Royal University of Bhutan. In The Third International Conference on E-Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE2014) (pp. 234-245). The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communication.
  • Zander, P. O. M., Choeda, C., Dukpa, D., & Penjor, T. (2015). World Culture and ICT use–a Study from Bhutan. In CulTech2015.
  • Zander, P. O. M., Choeda, C., Penjor, T., & Kinley, K. (2016). Gross National Happiness in the Context of Networked Learning. In Networked Learning Conference 2016 Networked Learning Conference (pp. 159-166).

Institutional Affiliation

  • Focal Person and Master Trainer of CHIPHEN RIGPHEL Project funded by NIIT (2010 – 2015)
  • Project member of IDRC, PAN-Asian Network Project. Project member.(2009 – 2011)
  • ICT in Integrated Curriculum in the institution of Royal University College, IIC-RUB funded by DANIDA, Denmark, (2011-2016)

 Professional Service

  • Facilitated “Introduction to University Learning and Teaching”, Centre for University Learning and Teaching (CULT), RUB, 2016 – 2018.
  • As a member of the Review Committee for the Royal University of Bhutan Civil Service Commission, reviewed the Bachelor of Science Programme of Sherubtse College (2016)
  • As a Trainer and focal person of Chiphen Rigphel Project, facilitated training of school teacher in IT skills January 2010 to December 2015.
  • As a member of VLE localization, localized Moodle version 2.8 to 3.0 ( Jan 2014 – July 2017)
  • As a member of IDRC project, localized Moodle 1.8 and 1.9 to Dzongkha (2010 – 2012)


  • Merit Certificate for proficiency in Teaching Practice, National Institute of Education, Samtse (Bhutan), 2003.
  • Institute Price for Academic Proficiency (Science), National Institute of Education, Samtse, 2003.






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