• M.Ed in Early Years (Australia, 2012); Post Graduate Diploma in Education (SCE, Samtse, 2007); B.Sc Psychology (India, 2006).

Employment History

  • Lecturer, Samtse College of Education, RUB (2008-2018)
  • Subject Leader (Educational Psychology) SCE (July, 2016 onwards)
  • Coordinator of Teaching Practice, SCE (July, 2017 onwards)
  • Head, Educational Psychology and Counseling Department, SCE (2015-2016)

Teaching and Research Supervision

He is currently teaching the following modules in both undergratuate and postgraduate levels.

  • EDN101 – Introduction to Child Development (B.Ed Primary & Secondary)
  • EDN204 – Learning Process (B.Ed Secondary
  • EDN412- Introduction to Inclusive Education (B.Ed Secondary)
  • EDN413 –Teaching Children with Special Needs (B.Ed Primary)
  • EDN203 – Teaching Skills (B.Ed Primary & Secondary)
  • EDN307 – Education for Development
  • EDN206 – Teaching Methods in Lower Primary (B.Ed Primary)
  • EDN204 – Teaching Methods in Upper Primary (B.Ed Primary)
  • EDU501 – Introduction to Educational Psychology (Postgraduate diploma in Education)

 Policy and Programme Development  

  •  Jointly written Draft Program Proposal  of B.A Psychology in April, 2018 which will be launched in 2020 at SCE
  • Currently writing the module ‘Working for people with disabilities’ to be offered in B.A Social Work Program
  • Reviewed and rewritten the module ‘Principles of Learning’ for Master’s of Education in mid 2017
  • Developed the module ‘Introduction to Educational Psychology’ for Postgraduate Diploma in Education in 2016



  • Tshering, S. et al (2013), Dzongkha Braille Premier for people with visual impairment. DCRD, Bhutan. ISBN:   978-99936-0-404-4.
  • Tshering, S. et al (2014), Guide of Tactile graphics for students with visual impairment. DCRD. Bhutan.  ISBN:   019-78999-3-692-3.

Professional Service

As a lecturer in Educational Psychology, he engages in offering services for early childhood education, disability education, life skills and human values.

  • Contributed as a core member in drafting the Conceptual Framework for upcoming B.A Psychology program in April, 2018
  • Resourced workshop on ‘Mentoring in Higher Education and student development’ at Gedu College of Business Studies in April, 2018
  • Contributed in translating Life Skills Manual into Dzongkha (national language) in June, 2017
  • Invited as an expert in transcribing school textbooks into Braille by Royal Education Council from December 2009- 2016
  • Resourced National workshop on ‘Inclusive Education’ for in-service teachers in December, 2015
  • Developed training package of Inclusive Education for in-service teachers in July, 2014
  • Led and coordinated the establishment of ECCD centre as a part of staff welfare at SCE from 2013-2016
  • Validated diploma program in Early Childhood Education of Paro College of Education in mid 2014
  • Resourced training for ECCD facilitators of Samtse Dzongkhag in mid, 2013




Phone  :     00975-5-365273

Email   :


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