• Ed (ECU, Perth, WA, 2008)

Graduate Certificate in Education Studies (UNE, Australia, 2012)

  • Ed Secondary (NIE, Samtse, 2001)

Employment History

  • Lecturer, Samtse College of Education (Since 2015)
  • Lecturer and Head, Professional (April 2014 – 2015)
  • Associate Lecturer and Acting Dean (Research, August 2012 – April 2014)
  • Associate Lecturer and Head of Department (Professional, July 2012)
  • Assistant Lecturer, Samtse College of Education (August 2008)
  • Teacher (Katsho LSS, Haa, July 2001 – July 2008)

Teaching and Research Supervision

In Samtse College of Education, developed, and taught modules for different programmes (postgraduates and undergraduates, part time students, science laboratory assistants).

Taught and supervised action research for both postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

As of now, I have taught and facilitated the following postgraduate modules, since 2008:

  • Introduction to Research Methods (EDU503) – PgDE
  • Adult Learning Theory and Practice (EDU508) – PgCHE
  • Teaching Skills – PgDE

For the undergraduate programmes, I am involved in teaching the following modules:

  • Acids and Bases (CHE306)
  • Nature of Matter and School Curriculum (CHE204)
  • Atomic Structure and Properties of Water and School Curriculum (CHE102)
  • Introduction to Chemistry Education (CHE101)
  • Applied Chemistry and School Curriculum (CHE410)
  • Primary Science (SCI201)
  • Introduction to Educational Research (EDN206)
  • Curriculum Study (EDN410)
  • Teaching Strategy (EDN205)
  • Teaching Skills (EDN203)
  • Improvisation of Apparatus an Teaching Aids (LAB306)

At Katsho Lower Secondary school, I taught Science for class 7 and 8.

Policy and Programme Development

Involved in the development of Diploma in School Science Laboratory Programme, M. Ed for Science courses, PgCHE programme at SCE.

Worked in collaboration with the various programme leaders in reviewing the course materials.

Conference Papers/Invited Talks

Presented two papers at RUB Faculty Research Convention. The titles of the papers were:

  • Cogenerative Education (Authored by Dr. Sonam Rinchen)
  • Active Techniques for Teaching Chemistry


Professional Service

  •  Resource person for Continuous Professional Development for RUB faculty organized by CULT, OVC.
  • Facilitator for Induction programme for new RUB faculty, organized by OVC.
  • Trainer for Chigphen Rigphel Project



Phone  :     00975 17660749/77660749

Email   :


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