• MA in English Studies (UK, 2003); PGCE (UK, 1990); BA in English Studies (India, 1983).

Employment History

  • Assistant Professor, Samtse College of Education, RUB (since January 2014)
  • Lecturer, Samtse College of Education, RUB (since January 2010)
  • Lecturer, Samtse College of Education, RUB (since January 2006)
  • Education Monitoring Officer, MoE (since January 1996)
  • Headmaster, Pemagatshel Junior High School (since January 1993)
  • Teacher, Pemagatshel Junior High School (since July 1987)

Teaching and Research Supervision

Developed courses and taught undergraduate and postgraduate (both pre-service and in-service) students since 2004.

Has taught the following M. Ed. courses at Paro College of Education from 2011 to 2015:

  • EDUC 561- Theories of Educational Leadership & Administration;
  • EDUC 527- Principles of Learning

Has taught the following postgraduate (PgDE) courses (both pre-service and in-service) from 2015 to 2018:

  • ENE501 – Teaching of English I
  • ENE502 – Teaching of English II

Has taught the following undergraduate courses (full-time) from 2004 – 2018:

  • English Electives: ENG1502-Short Stories; ENG306-Dramatic Arts; ENG2506-Shakespeare; ENG101-The Study of Language; ENE410- Writing.
  • Professional Development Courses: EDN203- Teaching Skills; EDN205- Teaching Strategies; EDN2306- School Organization & Administration; EDN 409- Bhutanese Education System.
  • Personal Development Courses: EFC1001- Study Skills; EFC1002- Academic Writing; EFC2003- Use of Language; ACS101- Academic Skills.

Policy and Programme Development

  • 2017:  Drafted Policies & Operating Procedures for Estate Management.
  • 2016: Drafted Policies & Operating Procedures for Ga-kyid Guest House
  • 2016-2018:    Chair, PgDE Program Board of Examiners. His responsibilities include:
    • Facilitating decisions of Program Board on assessment and progression by taking into account:
    • reports from staff on any special circumstances affecting student performance
    • the distribution of marks and outcomes in comparison with previous years and with  similar programs elsewhere
    • any scaling that has been applied to the marks for an individual, or a module, either by the examiner or the Board of Examiners;
    • the performance of each individual student on a module by module basis leading to recommendations as laid down in the definitive document concerning progression, re-assessment, repeat, withdrawal or final award.
  • 2016-2017:    Class Adviser. His responsibilities included:
  • Providing academic counseling
  • Pastoral care
  • Maintenance of class attendance
  • Semester examinations result preparation
  • Maintaining records of trainee’s progress
  • Maintaining classroom learning environment
  • 2014:  Program Leader – spearheaded B. Ed Secondary Program Review;
  • 2012:  TP Coordinator – Coordinated re-alignment and publication of ‘A Handbook for

Teaching Skills and Teaching Practice’ for the college.

  • 2012:  Revision & Moderation of B Ed Primary ‘Teaching Skills & Teaching Practice


  • 2012-2013:    TP Coordinator: Conducted Mentors Workshops for TP School Mentors                 & Focal Persons on supervision of Teaching Practice.
  • 2009 – 2012: Chair, Teaching Practice Committee. His responsibilities included:
  • Identifying/selecting schools, Focal Persons and mentors for practicing teachers;
  • Preparing monitoring & supervision schedule;
  • Coordinating display and evaluation of TP journals & reflection papers;
  • Arrangement of TP evaluation & observation forms;
  • Compiling & maintaining of teaching practice marks;
  • Coordinating TP briefing




Referred Journal articles

  • Dukpa, D. et al (2014). The ICT-Integrated Pedagogy in the Colleges of Royal University of Bhutan. The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC). Available at:


Non-referred Journal Articles


  • Dukpa, D. et al (2016). Conceptualization and implementation: A preliminary study of two central schools in Samtse. Educational Innovation and Practice: Academic Journal of Samtse College of Education, Issue I (2), 53-63.
  • Dukpa, D. (2011). Tense Switching in Oral Narrative: A Discourse Analysis. Rig-Gter – Academic Journal of College, Vol. 5, 24-56.
  • Dukpa, D. (2007). Creative Reading: 5 Skills English. Rig-Gter: Academic Journal of Samtse College of Education, Vol. 2.


Technical Reports/Proposals 

Conference Papers/Invited Talks

Has presented the following papers at the national and international conferences:

  • Dukpa, D. et al (2016 October 12-13). Conceptualization and implementation: A preliminary study of two central schools in Samtse at the Autumn Research Convention organized by Samtse College of Education
  • Dukpa, D. et al (2016 November 18-20). Social Science Contributions and Challenges in the Context of Bhutan at First Decennial National Conference on Re-Imagining Social Science Researches: Global Context, National Perspectives and Regional Priorities organized by SANSKRITI – North Eastern Institute of Cultural Research, Guwahati – 781 014.
  • Dukpa, D. (2011 November 26-27). Tense Switching in Narrative: A Discourse Analysis at the 32nd Linguistic Society of Nepal Annual Conference organized by Tribhuven University, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Dukpa, D. (2012 August 16 – 18). Effectiveness of Teaching Practice Implementation at SCE at the 2nd RUB Faculty Research Meet held at Gaeddu College of Business Studies.


Institutional Affiliation

Research/Programme Development Grants


Professional Service

  • As program leader, coordinated B Ed Secondary Program Review;
  • Developed Course Materials (Module Descriptors) for M Ed in Educational Leadership for Royal Education Council from 27 – 31 August 2012.
  • Reviewed and refined course materials for EDUC 561- Theories of Educational Leadership & Administration for M Ed in Leadership for Paro College of Education in 2011;


Scholarships/Awards (refers to special scholarships, not bachelors/masters of PhD scholars)

Academic and Research Leadership Training (If relevant, otherwise discard it)




Phone : 17684063

Email  :


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