Ph.D. in Mathematics(India,2004); LLB(India,1998); B.Ed.(India,1996); M.Sc. in Mathematics (India,1995)

Employment History

  • Senior lecturer and Centre Head of Center for Innovation in Mathematics and IT Education, Samtse College of Education, RUB (since 2016)
  • Senior lecturer and Head of Mathematics Department, Samtse College of Education from 2008 to March 2015.
  • Lecturer, Mathematics Department, Samtse College of Education (since March 2007)
  • Senior teacher, Mathematics Department, Samtse Middle Secondary School and Mothithang Higher Secondary School (March 2004 to March 2007)
  • Teacher and Head of Mathematics Department, Yangchenphug High Secondary School (May 1997 to March 2004)

Teaching and Research Supervision

For 2018 spring semester

  • Supervisor, M.Ed mathematics students’ dissertation proposal, Samtse College of Education
  • B.Ed II (P) students’ Action Research proposal, Samtse College of Education
  • Supervisor, DILM II students’ Research Report, Samste College of Education.
  • Currently teaching research modules RES602, EDN208 and LRS306
  • Currently teaching MAE501 Mathematics Education for PgDE students.


Taught the following modules from 2007 to 2017

  • MAE503 Mathematics of Contemporary Issues (for M.Ed students)
  • MAE502 Mathematics (for fulltime and part-time PgDE students)
  • MAE501 Mathematics (for fulltime and part-time PgDE students)
  • EDN 503 Introduction to Research Methods (for PgDE  students)
  • EDN 208 Introduction to Research Methods (for B.Ed students)
  • EDN 205 Teaching Strategies (for B.Ed students)
  • EDN 203 Teaching Skills (for B.Ed students)
  • MAT 101-Elementary Algebra (for B.Ed students)
  • MAT 102-Mathematics Education I (for B.Ed students)
  • MAT 203 – Algebra & Trigonometry (for B.Ed students)
  • MAT 204-Mathematics Education II (for B.Ed students)
  • MAT 205-Linear Algebra (for B.Ed students)
  • MAT 306-Analytic Geometry (for B.Ed students)
  • MAT 307-Differential Calculus (for B.Ed students)
  • MAT 408-Descriptive Statistics (for B.Ed students)
  • MAT 409-Integral Calculus (for B.Ed students)
  • MAT 410-Inferential Statistics (for B.Ed students)

Taught mathematics to the following from 1997 to 2007

  • Class XI and XII mathematics


Policy and Programme Development (include significant initiatives you provided substantive and critical intellectual leadership)

  • Developed M.Ed programme structure and modules
  • Developed PgDE part-time mathematics modules
  • Reviewed B.Ed mathematics modules
  • Reviewed PgDE mathematics modules
  • Participated in college strategy planning
  • Developed draft policies for the college



Srivastava, A.N (2004).On the statistical theory of hydrodynamics and MHD turbulence (Doctoral thesis).VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, India.

NIE (2010). Mathematics Syllabus Handbook. Samtse College of Education, Bhutan

Technical Reports/Proposals


  • Competency of B.Ed Mathematics teachers in Bhutan,2012
  • Contextualizing and Infusion of GNH values in Teaching Mathematics Curriculum in Schools of Bhutan: Approaches and Relevancy, 2015
  • Survey on Mathematics Teachers of Bhutan, 2016

Conference Papers/Invited Talks

  • Enhancing Numerical Problem-Solving Skills, 2016. Presented during the 4th Faculty-Student Research Convention
  • Role of Bhutanese Women in Pursuit of Quality Education 2015, for the 3rd Faculty-Student Research Convention.
  • Factors Affecting in the Achievement of Bhutanese Students in Mathematics, 2015.

 Research/Programme Development Grants

  • Developed research proposal in seeking AURG for the topic on “Competency of B.Ed Mathematics teachers in Bhutan,2012”.
  • Worked as co-researcher in seeking AURG grant for the topic “Contextualizing and Infusion of GNH values in Teaching Mathematics Curriculum in Schools of Bhutan: Approaches and Relevancy, 2015”.

Professional Service

  • Review of PgDE mathematics modules
  • Review of B.Ed mathematics modules
  • Development of M.Ed mathematics module

Scholarships/Awards (refers to special scholarships, not bachelors/matsers of PhD scholars)

  • Received Silver medal from Royal Civil Award for serving 20 years in the field of Education, 2017.

Academic and Research Leadership Training (If relevant, otherwise discard it)

  • Training students on writing research abstract during research conventions (2017 spring and autumn semesters)




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