M.Ed Dissertation Presentation

Samtse College of Education would like to invite all interested District Education Officers, Principals, teachers and other relevant staff to the M.Ed Dissertation presentation from 10th to 19th June 2019 at Samtse College of Education. The research area that the students have worked on includes a wide range of topics focusing on teaching and learning of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

Dissertation topics and date of presentation are as follows:

Sl. NoName & Student IDDissertation Topic (s)SupervisorSubject of Specialization Date of Presentation
01.Dechen Wangchuk 08170723Factors Contributing to Student’s Difficulty in Understanding Particle Physics.Dr. Karma UthaPhysics10th June 2019
02.Hita Nath Suberi 08170724The use of Smartphones in Teaching and Learning PhysicsTandin PenjorPhysics10th June 2019
03.Kezang Tenzin 08170725Gender Perspective towards Physics and Its’ Implications towards Achievement of Middle Secondary Physics Students.Dr. Karma UthaPhysics10th June 2019
04.Kinga Chedup


The effects of large class on effective teaching

and learning physics in classes nine and ten


Tandin PenjorPhysics10th June 2019
05.Norbu Wangdi 08170727The Effectiveness of Classes VII and VIII Science Towards Learning Class IX Physics.Dr. Karma UthaPhysics10th June 2019
06.Rinchen Wangdi 08170728The effectiveness of Practical Work in Teaching Physics: It’s Challenges and

Impact on Student’s Learning in Secondary Schools.

Tandin PenjorPhysics10th June 2019
07.Rinzin Dorji 08170729Impact of Teacher-Student Interaction on the Performance of Class IX Students in Physics.Dr. Karma UthaPhysics11th June 2019
08.Mr. Sangay Wangchuk 08170730Effect of Group Work in Addressing Misconception on LighTTandin PenjorPhysics11th June 2019
09.Shima Devi Chhettri 08170731Investigating Students’ Difficulty in Solving Physics Numerical Problems.Dr. Karma UthaPhysics11th June 2019
10.Singye Thinley


Application of Basic Physics Concept in the real life and its implication on 10th Grade students’ learningTandin PenjorPhysics11th June 2019
11.Adip Rai  08170733A study of higher secondary school students’ ability to transfer mathematical knowledge to chemistry.Dr. N. GiriChemistry11th June 2019
12.Aita Raj Limboo 08170734 The current state of safety practices in chemistry laboratories of higher secondary schools in Samtse, Dzongkhag.Dr. N. GiriChemistry12th June 2019
13.Bal Bahadr Gurung


The Use of ICT in the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry at the Secondary Schools of Trongsa.Dr. S. RinchenChemistry12th June 2019
14.Dorji Norbu



Investigating the Relationship between Self-Efficacy and Performance of 10th Grade Students in Chemistry.Dr. S. RinchenChemistry12th June 2019
15.Madan Chhetri 08170737Bhutanese Students’ Anxiety in Learning Chemistry and Its Impact on Chemistry Performance in Higher Secondary Schools at Samtse DzongkhagDr. N. GiriChemistry12th June 2019
16.Ngawang Chogyel



Factors Influencing Teaching of Chemistry in Grade IX and X in the Schools under Chhukha DzongkhagDr. S. RinchenChemistry12th June 2019
17.Norbu Gyeltshen


Comparison of study habits of upper quartile and lower quartile tenth standard students in learning chemistry in Samtse Dzongkhag


Dr. N. GiriChemistry12th June 2019
18.Rinzin Wangmo


Factors Affecting High School Students Performance in Chemistry: A Case StudyDr. S. RinchenChemistry12th June 2019
19.Rupa Gurung  08170741Impact of Laboratory Work in Learning Chemistry at Middle Secondary Schools of Trongsa Dzongkhag.



Dr. N. GiriChemistry12th June 2019
20Sangay Rabten


Factors influencing the Academic Performance of Class X Students in chemistry in  Pema Gatshel DzongkhagDr. S. RinchenChemistry12th June 2019
21.Anju Gurung


 Parental involvement on students’ academic performance: A study based at Pelrithang Middle Secondary SchoolDr. KinleyBiology12th June 2019
22.Dil Bdr. Tamang


Implementation of educating for gross national happiness: a case study at sarpang central schoolDr. KinleyBiology13th June 2019
23.Karma Dorji


Effectiveness of laboratory practical in understanding theoretical concept in biology: a case study at Chukha Central School for 11th Grade students.Dr. KinleyBiology13th June 2019
24.Karma Wangda



Teachers and Students’ Perceptions on the Impact of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures in Teaching and Learning of Biology at the Higher Secondary Level Schools.Dr. Kinzang DorjiBiology13th June 2019
25.Lhakpa Tshering


Effectiveness on the implementation of Inquiry-based biology project work in Bhutanese Higher Secondary Schools.Dr. Kinzang DorjiBiology13th June 2019
26.Mon Maya Chhetri


 Declining of Students’ enrolment in the newly introduced Environmental Science curriculum  in the Bhutanese secondary schools: A study in Chukha district.Dr. Kinzang DorjiBiology13th June 2019
27.Nima Tshering


The CCM as an approach to minimize various misconceptions in Biology teaching: A study based on tenth-grade students under Wangdi Phodrang Dzongkhag.Dr. Kinzang DorjiBiology14th June 2019
28.Shashi Dhar Chamlagai


Use of 5Es Learning Cycle Model in teaching various Biological abstract concepts at Secondary Level Schools: A case study based on “Hormone Teaching” at Samtse Higher Secondary School, Samtse Dzongkhag.Dr. Kinzang DorjiBiology14th June 2019
29.Sherab Tenzin


Effect of 5E learning cycle to enhance grade twelve students’ conceptual understanding of gene expression in Bhutanese Higher Secondary Schools.Dr. KinleyBiology14th June 2019
30.Sheere Jana Bomjan


Recognition and application of entrepreneurial education in bhutanese middle secondary school – a case studyDr. KinleyBiology14th June 2019
31.Jigme Dorji 08170753Infusion of Gross National Happiness values in teaching and learning  Mathematics in higher secondary schools in BhutanDr. T. GyeltshenMathematics18th June 2019


Developing Conceptual Understanding in Differential Calculus through Contextual and Graphing Activity Based Learning Cycle ApproachPema DrukpaMathematics18th June 2019
33.Kelzang Jamtsho


Teachers’ and Students’ Perception on Mathematics Laboratory in Teaching and Learning of MathematicsPema DrukpaMathematics18th June 2019
34.Kelzang Wangdi 08170756Attitudes of grades IX and X students’ towards learning Mathematics in BhutanDr. T. GyeltshenMathematics18th June 2019
35.Kezang Wangmo


Response to Team Teaching in 10thGrade Mathematics Classes: A Logical Combination of Successful Systematic changePema DrukpaMathematics18th June 2019
36.Phuntsho Wangmo 08170758Investigating Students’ difficulties in solving mathematical word problems: A case studyDr. T. GyeltshenMathematics19th June 2019
37.Sangay Dorji T


Mathematics teachers’ and Students Perception on Parental Involvement and its impact in  Students’ Learning Mathematics: A study at Darla Middle Secondary School.Pema DrukpaMathematics19th June 2019
38.Sangay Kinzang 08170760Exploring the alignment between intention and implementation of class nine Mathematics of BhutanDr. T. GyeltshenMathematics19th June 2019
39.Ugyen Tshewang 08170761Factors affecting choice of Mathematics among higher secondary school students in BhutanDr. T. GyeltshenMathematics19th June 2019


The Effectiveness of Using GeoGebra for Class Nine Students on Transformation GeometryPema DrukpaMathematics19th June 2019


You may contact Dr. Nandu Giri at email: nandugiri.sce@rub.edu.bt , Phone: 17680136 to express your interest to attend the Dissertation presentation. Please note that college will provide refreshment and working lunch only.

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